Math Test - October 13th - Unit 1

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Unit 1 Skills:

Place Value System

Read and write multi-digit numbers to one million

•Read and write numbers in expanded, standard, and number form up to one million

Compare multi-digit whole numbers

Recognize patterns in repeated reasoning in place value by 10 times more

Use >, =, < to record results of comparisons to one million

•Understand and explain how to round numbers to one million Addition and Subtraction

Vertically align digits for accurate computation

Solve addition and subtraction problems using one or more method Explain through estimation the reasonableness of an addition and subtraction problems

Subtraction with regrouping videos

Subraction with regrouping twice:

Subtraction with zeros:

Multiplication Practice:

Math Station September 11th
easier below:

Multiplication Practice:


Compass Learning

Multiplication Shortcuts

Math Facts

Multiplication Games

Division Fact Practice

Math Practice in General